Learn about our exciting new very low cost sensor – Community Slope SAFE

Rainfall induced landslides have resulted in 30,000+ fatalities globally in the last 10 years. Existing instrumentation and monitoring techniques are prohibitively expensive and there is an urgent need for a low cost landslide early warning system operated by communities. Knowledge gained from developing and using Slope ALARMS has been used to produce a new sensor called Community Slope SAFE. The aim is for communities under threat from landslides in low and middle income countries to be trained to install, maintain and operate the monitoring system. The first trial of the system is taking place in Malaysia in collaboration with Universiti Sains Malaysia, the Government Slope agency (JKR) and community group SlopeWatch. Further trials are planned in Myanmar and Nepal.

Please contact Professor Neil Dixon if you would like to discuss the opportunities available and to find out more about Slope ALARMS and Community Slope SAFE.

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Get involved in commercialising this pioneering landslide technology

Welcome to the Slope ALARMS web site. We are now able to supply our CE marked sensors for commercial use and we are currently actively seeking partners that are interested in helping us to establish widespread use of Slope ALARMS through licensing. Slope ALARMS is a slope displacement rate sensor. Extensive field trails have proven that the technology works and we have extensive data comparing behaviour of Slope ALARMS with both manually read and in-place inclinometers. A recent advance is the successful conversion of inclinometer casings and standpipe piezometers into waveguides to provide continuous real-time information on displacement rates (see Case Studies and Publications for further information). Benefits of using the system are summarised below.

Click here or on the adjacent image to download the Slope ALARMS flyer.

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Browse the web site for more information

Here you can find information about our new type of sensor system for detecting landslides that has been developed by experts at Loughborough University in collaboration with the British Geological Survey. This site explains how the system works, it contains information on the research conducted at Loughborough University to develop the sensor and introduces case studies that demonstrate applications. Slope ALARMS is currently being used at six sites in the UK and at sites in Italy, Canada and Austria.

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Watch a Discovery Channel film on our work

This film was made by the Discovery Channel Daily Planet programme and was broadcast on 22nd April 2014 in Canada. It follows researchers from Loughborough University as they visit landslide monitoring sites in the UK, it explains how Slope ALARMS works and discusses potential advantages of the system over currently used techniques.

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Read about the benefits of using Slope ALARMS

Thought to be the first system of its kind in the world, Slope ALARMS patented technology works by measuring and analysing the acoustic emission behaviour of soil and rock to establish when a landslide is imminent so that preventative action can be taken.

The Slope ALARMS system:

  • Provides information on slope displacement rates continuously and in real-time
  • Sensitive to small displacements and very slow displacement rates
  • Able to inform operators in real-time that a slope is accelerating (or decelerating) with quantification of changes in rates of movement
  • Low cost materials installed in the borehole
  • All sensor elements are located at ground level for ease of maintenance and reuse
  • Continued operation at large displacements
  • Inclinometer and standpipe tubes can be converted into continuous/real-time displacement rate sensors
  • Easily reproducible waveguide design
  • Quantification of displacement rates from detected AE is independent of host soil
  • One sensor at a site can inform timing of site inspections and can trigger manual reading of inclinometer casings
  • Sensor architecture is protected by a UK patent
  • Proven performance through multiple trials at sites in UK and overseas, with operation periods longer than 6 years and in a variety of environments (e.g. including very low temperatures)
  • Lower cost compared to current sub-surface deformation monitoring instrumentation such as in-place inclinometers and SAAs

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