The Slope ALARMS sensors have been developed in collaboration with the British Geological Survey through three funded projects. The initial design and field trials were funded through an Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) Follow-on Fund project, production of additional sensors and extended field trials were funded through an EPSRC Knowledge Transfer Account (KTA) project and sensor technical development and field trials through an EPSRC/Finance South East Collaboration project. Extension of the field monitoring was made possible by award of an Innovation Fellowship to Professor Dixon in 2013 from the East Midlands Development Agency European Regional Development Fund. Since 2013, field monitoring has been supported by the Loughborough University Enterprise Project Group and numerous collaborators as listed below.

Geotechnical Observations Ltd has supported activities to select field sites and has also provided technical support on design of the field trials, including use of traditional instrumentation techniques. Geotechnical Observations Ltd was project partner on the Follow-on Fund, KTA and Collaboration Fund projects.

The following are collaborators involved in the Slope ALARMS project:
Alberta Transportation – the British Geological Survey – Canadian National Rail – Canadian Pacific Rail – CH2M – Geotechnical Observations Ltd – Inglas GmbH Impact Sentinel – Monmouthshire County Council – the National Research Council Italy – Network Rail – OeBB (Austrian Federal Railway) – WSP|Parsons Brinckerhoff – Scarborough Borough Council – Queen’s University, Kingston, Canada – Thurber Engineering Ltd – the University of Alberta – Steve and Josie Gibson have provided access to sites and assistance for trials of Slope ALARMS.

In addition, Universiti Sains Malaysia, JKR Slope Engineering Branch of the Malaysian government and SlopeWatch a community action group are collaborating on the first trial of the low cost Community Slope SAFE system.

Please contact project leader Professor Neil Dixon if you would be interested in collaborating on new application of Slope ALARMS or getting involved in using Community Slope SAFE.

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